This website started by mid 2001, but since January 1st 2008 I've been publishing in this area one or more photos from my archive (almost) every day.

January 2010
Roof Daniela B. Fashion show backstage Ofelia Daniela B. Daniela G. Daniela B. 9 de Julio Cruz Daniela G. Opposites Conz Violeta Ofelia Joi Ofelia Giselle P. Alejandra & Samantha Conz Cecilia S. Los Angeles Conz Ushuaia Brenda A. Bern Ofelia Mariana Virginia Conz Conz Inside London Eye

February 2010
Punta del Este iPod ads 2005 Marcela Joi Joi Soda Stereo | Rehearsal press conference Jessica M. & Mariana N. Jessica M. & Mariana N. Laura Nazarena Daniela B. Mariela & Rafi The Mars Volta Laura Conz Laura Annabella S. Maximiliano Guerra Ofelia Tour Bleu Ushuaia Bauhaus A good place to die Exit Bariloche Laura R. San Martín de los Andes Nazarena

March 2010
Bern Laura Daniela G. Valentina Soda Stereo | Soundcheck @ Miami Bariloche Gus & Andrés Anita & Gus Daniela G. Bloomingdale's Lara Daniela B. Gus Eve Route 9 Laser Long Exp Conz Too fast to focus Marcela The truth is out there Conz Conz Laura

April 2010
Gus Punta del Este Conz Conz Cruz Alejandra, Samantha & Belén V. Abstraction wheel Eugenia B. Laura & Paz Daniela G. Zeta, Tweety & Lean Laura & Paz Eugenia B. 11 years ago Joi Cecilia D. Estefanía Z. Estefanía Z. Ki Ki Marcela Eugenia B. Strangers #6 Parc du Champs de Mars Ofelia Laura & Paz Estefanía Z. Marcela Strangers #7

May 2010
Duran Duran | John & Roger Taylor Soda Stereo @ Monterrey Charly Giselle P. Solange Estefanía Z. Mr. Stipe Ofelia Ofelia Ofelia Strangers #8 Marcela Rainy London Estefanía Z. La Seine Gus recording voices Jennifer W. Ofelia Gus @ Rock & Pop Beach Soundcheck 'Nuestra Fé' Strangers #9 Marcela Santa Mónica Ofelia Estefanía Z. 'Toma la ruta' Conz Conz Berlín 'Faraway, so close'

June 2010
Marcela Strangers #10 Conz Gus Estefanía Z. Sofía Untitled Brenda H. Marina Joi Lucila U. Estefanía G. Gus Daniela G. Bariloche Neuquén Eugenia B. Cristina Marcela Ki Annabella S. Valentina Ofelia Laura & Paz Ofelia The Preacher Daniela B. & Daniela G. Conz & Samantha Mariana Sofía

July 2010
Charly | Soundcheck Conz Strangers #11 Strangers #12 Ofelia Thames from London Eye Oxford Street Stop Bianca Bianca Bianca Los Angeles Giselle P. Antwerp Conz Gus @ Metropolitano In transit Bianca Marcela Estefanía Z. Yulia Scarlett & Andrea Sophia Hooper 'Persiana' & 'Prófugos' Joi Javier Malosetti Jessica M. Stefanía Marcela Valentina

August 2010
Bianca Paula El Calafate Sofía Conz Bianca Paula Gus, Tweety & Charly Joi Stefanía Gustavo Cerati Rain Sabrina Strangers #13 Jessica M. Strangers #14 Sabrina Flatiron building Strangers #15 Zeta | Soundcheck @ Panama Strangers #16 Daniela G. Fernanda Av. Alcorta 2010 Cold & Warm Bianca

September 2010
Valentina Oxford Circus Nahuel Huapi Lake Paula Conz Violeta Amoeba Music | Los Angeles Strangers #17 Sophia Hooper Go left, feel right Nazarena Mr. Tweety González P.O.V. (Zeta Bosio) P.O.V. (Charly Alberti) P.O.V. (Gustavo Cerati) Zürich Conz Virginia You were talking about the end of the world Cat through a Holga Laura Lucila H. New York Cristina

October 2010
Valentina Conz Penguins 'What else is there?' Valentina Z, Gus & Charly

November 2010
Sofía & Stefanía Bianca Muscovite Metro Eugenia B. Costa Coffee | Moscow Valentina Jana Eugenia A. Strangers #18 Valentina Gus @ Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires Conz Massive Attack | Ahí vamos Moscow Peter Lindbergh @ C/O Berlin The movement Open for art in Hampstead Broken glass, 800 A.D. Strangers #19 'Protection' Ai Weiwei, Sunflower Seeds @ Tate Modern Woman in Cannon Street

December 2010
Jennifer B. Mulder was right ;) Gus, Richard & Fer Natacha Soda Stereo | Press Conference Valentina Jessica M. Maricela Moscow Portobello Road London Tube | Central line Daniela B. Ofelia Metro Bianca Ofelia MDQ 1993 Liliya Berlin Maricela Conz María Eugenia Molinari Selfportrait 2010 | Berlin Moscow 'Sueles dejarme solo' Jennifer B. Giselle P. Brenda H.
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This website started by mid 2001, but since January 1st 2008 I've been publishing in this area one or more photos from my archive (almost) every day.

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