This website started in 2001, but since 2008 I've been publishing in this area one or more photos (almost) every day.

January 2022
Roads Strangers #413 Ideal Mall El Capitán Capitol Records

February / March 2022

For the first time in all these years uploading photos everyday, I wasn't able to do it for such a long time. On Jan 3rd being on my second day of vacations in Madrid, I tested positive for COVID and end up being in a hospital for 3 months. Two in an ICU (1 of them in a coma) and one extra month on physical recovery.
On April 1st, still in hospital but in better conditions, I started to publish again. I left the hospital on April 7th and after doctors approval I returned to Buenos Aires on April 28th.

April 2022
Strangers #414 Ivelina Layla Alissa Guadalupe Julieta P. Abril All things must pass Victoria Strangers #415 Camila G. Lilia Strangers #416 Camila U. Camila Luna Rocío Ingrid Alison Jaz Nick Rhodes & Nefer Suvio Euge Alenka Cris Ingrid Bianca NYC Estefanía G. Daniela B. Abril Belén V.

May 2022
Mayra Annabella S. Brenda Estefanía Z. Alex Eugenia A. Abril Lilia Natalia Cruz Julieta P. Julieta P. Strangers #417 Juana Juana Victoria Self-Portrait 2022 Julieta P. Layla Julieta P. Sophia Guada Juana Guada Megan Valentina B. Valentina B. Juana Jaz Dasha Melania Julieta

June 2022
Strangers #418 Madrid Pablo Picasso 'Weeping Woman's Head [I]' Strangers #419 Be Present Happy Burger Diner Layla High Line Marcela & I Strangers #420 Charlize Tori Natacha Villa La Angostura Strangers #421 Julieta P. Strangers #422 Santa Cruz Layla Bariloche Alissa Anton Juana Strangers #423 Strangers #424 Victoria G. Strangers #425 Strangers #426 Satine Vintage British-Style Train Station Rehearsal Strangers #427

July 2022
Julieta Charlize Stanley Kubrick exhibition Strangers #428 Guada Ingrid Ingrid Abril Abril Stanley Kubrick & Arthur Fellig (Weegee) Faith & Devotion Berlin Ingrid Guada Abril Love on sale Guada Abril Abril Ingrid Ingrid Guada Guada Julieta P. Abril Guada Bianca Maca Maca Maca Maca

August 2022
Maca Mayra Julieta P. Cami Maca May & Maca Abril Maca Abril Maca Conz Conz Ingrid Aye Julieta P. Alenka Abril Aye Strangers #429 Tori Katerina Chinatown Buenos Aires Maca & Mayra Nora Tori Natacha Julieta P. Abril Mayra Ana Natacha Dasha Abril

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This website started in 2001, but since 2008 I've been publishing in this area one or more photos (almost) every day.

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